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Biohazard Utilization Protocols (BUP)

An approved Biohazard Utilization Protocol (BUP) is required if you are planning to work with or import microorganisms, biological material or toxins in the laboratory. The approval process involves a review of the biological inventory items, procedures and physical facilities you plan to use. BUPs are to be completed for each laboratory, each course and each camp.

The requirement for a BUP was announced by Associate Vice-President, Research - Dr. Fiona McNeill in the memorandum distributed in 2012 found here.

Completing the Biohazard Utilization Protocol captures the necessary information for an informed review by the Presidential Biosafety Advisory Committee (PBAC). Principal Investigators must receive an approval from the PBAC before beginning work with biohazardous material.

PBAC meetings are held on the last Monday of every month. Submissions are sent out for review one week prior to the meeting, therefore please have your information submitted Karen Haines before the second-to-last Monday of each month.

How do I know if my research project requires Biohazard Approval? - please see the new Biosafety Program RMM found here. Please submit the Applicability Form to have your work assessed.

The Biohazard Utilization Protocol is a one time-submission which requires amendments as needed, an annual administrative review and a 4-year committee review. It is meant to:

    • provide a comprehensive assessment of laboratory-specific risk
    • simplify granting application processes
    • decrease administrative paperwork


BUP Online Portal

Please contact Karen Haines to open a new BUP account. After creation, you can log in using your MacID.

It is important that you include materials that you plan to use in the near future but do not yet possess and agents that you store but do not currently use.

BUP Approval Process

The BUP information will be submitted to the Presidential Biosafety Advisory Committee upon which point a risk assessment will be done to verify the requested containment level for the agents and procedures.



Project-Based Biohazard Approvals

Depending on the direction of the funds, there are three possible courses of action to acquire documentation. Please visit the Biohazard Approval page here.

Laboratory Audits

Maintaining approval is contingent on successful laboratory audits. More detailed information on laboratory audits can be found here.

BUP Amendment Procedure

The BUP is online for your convenience. Grants must now go through the "Project-Based Biohazard Approval" process described on the right.

BUP Portal is here.



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