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Undergraduate lab courses that require biosafety training must specify HTHSCI 1BS0 as a pre- or co- requisite. HTHSCI1BS0 is biosafety training required for all persons who handle risk group one materials. These include, but are not limited to:

  • lab or cloning strains of bacteria, yeast and baculoviruses
  • human and animal tumour cell lines that have been highly characterized
  • any other item that has been assessed as RISK GROUP 1


HTHSCI 1BS0 is available through the undergraduate course registration process on Mosaic.

Once registered in Mosaic, it will take 2 business days for it to show up on your Avenue To Learn account.

Once completed in Avenue to Learn, you are requested to retain documentation that is proof of completion. The completed mark does not get transferred to your transcript until the end of the semester, therefore if you need to complete in a short amount of time - use the proof in lieu of a transcript.

Lab Instructors

Persons who run undergraduate labs that require handling of biological material must assess the prescribed activities for training and facility requirements. For those laboratories that handle human specimens, where the specimens are not expected to be infectious and where the specimens are not being cultured for any reason (Nursing, Kinesiology, Anatomy etc) it is likely that Routine Practices is required. Please consult the PID - Use of Human Samples to determine what your undergraduate laboratory requires.

If your undergraduate lab course requires biosafety training, then your course also requires to complete a Biohazard Utilization Protocol.

If your undergraduate lab course requires biosafety training, you must verify that HTHSCI 1BS0 is completed prior to the first lab session. Any student who has not completed HTHSCI 1BS0 must be prohibited from entering the laboratory.

The simplest way to verify completion is have the student provide proof. A video on collecting proof of completion for the students is found here.

Undergraduate Students

It is your responsibility to register for HTHSCI 1BS0 if your lab course requires it. HTHSCI 1BS0 is delivered by registering through Mosaic and completing the modules through the Avenue To Learn website.

Register in Mosaic >>> 2 business days later >>> Complete in Avenue >>> End of Semester >>> Marks go to transcript in Mosaic

As you can see from the timeline above, you don't have access to proof of completion via your transcript until the end of the semester. Therefore if you need it now, you need to follow the instructions below.

Undergraduate Students - Registering A Semester Ahead

If you have registered a semester ahead, meaning that you have registered for HTHSCI 1BS0 now but your lab course doesn't start until next semester, you MUST complete HTHSCI 1BS0 NOW. The course software closes the course and uploads the grades at the end of THIS semester. This means that if you did not complete the course, it will go on your transcript as NOT COMPLETE. This will prevent you from registring for any courses that require HTHSCI 1BS0 next semester. This will also prevent you from graduating, even if you never needed the course. This is because it is now on your transcript and associated with a NOT COMPLETE.

Undergraduate Students - Registering Because You Need It THIS Semester

If you require to complete HTHSCI 1BS0 for a course THIS semester, you must complete it BEFORE your first laboratory. The instructors have been instructed to prohibit you from entering the laboratory until they have verified that this is completed. You require 100% in each module to pass the training. If you have any questions on the content of the course, email or immediately.

Undergraduate Students - Proof of Completion

It is imperative that you collect this information. At the time of completion in Avenue, you should collect proof of completion especially if you need it for a course THIS semester. A video on how to collect his proof of completion is found here.

If you require proof of completion from a previous semester, it should be on your Mosaic Transcript. Any costs associated with obtaining this information is your responsiblity.

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