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Standard Operating Procedures, Documents, Forms and Templates

Please use the following documents as guidance or templates. If you would like your template or SOP added, please email us.

Please note that any document that is labelled is mandatory if the objective of the requirement is not achieved in any other fashion.


Biological Inventory

A biological inventory is required for all biohazards applicable under McMaster's biosafety policies. The format of any such inventory is at the discretion of the individual laboratory. The minimum features of any such inventory or inventory system is to include:

  1. identification of the biohazards (species, names etc) stored and used within the laboratory
  2. location of the biohazards (fridge, freezers, shelf, row, building, room)
  3. any method to determine if any biohazards have been stolen or lost

The BUP captures a list of biohazards handled and stored. The lab should further maintain an inventory to satisfy elements 2 and 3. The individual lab has the freedom to design any system so long as it satisfies all three criteria.


Biological Safety Cabinets

Biosafety Cabinet Out-of-Service sign (pdf)

Checking Magnehelic Gauge for Level 1 BSC Use (docx)

Cleaning the BSC Catchbasin (docx)

Create a Safe Working Environment in Your Biological Safety Cabinet - Poster to Print! (pdf)

Decontamination, Movement and Certification of BSCs

PHAC BSC Safe Use and Operation - Poster to Print! (pdf)

Safe use of a Biological Safety Cabinet checklist (pdf)

Ultraviolet Light Bulletin

Use of a BSC (docx)


Chemicals and WHMIS

10% Bleach Labels

70% Ethanol Labels

CCOHS GHS Pictograms and Hazards - Poster to Print! (pdf)

Neutral Buffered Formalin (docx)


Emergency Response and Security

Biohazard Spill Sign (pdf)

Biosecurity Plan (docx)

Cleaning a Biological Spill Inside a Centrifuge (docx)

Emergency Response Plan (docx) (updated Jan 10, 2019)

Environmental Room Security (docx)

Flood Protocol (docx)

McMaster Pandemic Plan Information (aka Business Continuity Plan RMM 1206)

PHAC Spill Protocols (pdf)

Post Emergency Biological Check (docx)



Care of Lab Sinks (docx)

Centrifuge Safety in Biohazard Lab (docx)

Decon of Equipment - Moran-Mirabel Lab (pdf)

Equipment Bulletins and SOPs

Fridge and Freezer Cleanouts (docx)

Homogenizers (docx)

Integra Handheld Pipetting - Best Practices

Microbial Culture Shakers (docx)

Pipetting Safety (docx)

Two Flask Aspirator System (docx)

Two Flask Aspirator System - Poster to Print! (pdf)

Use of Bench Protectors (docx)

Use of Vortex (docx)

Weekly booking schedule (docx)


Miscellaneous Templates

Calculation of % and Molar Solutions (xls)

Template for Multiwell Plates (pptx)

Template for Multiwell Plates (fillable PDF)


Personal Protective Equipment

Lab Coat Cleaning (doc) - how to label the coats

Lab Coat Cleaning for Non-Hospital Locations (pdf)

Personal Protective Equipment Poster (pdf)


Procedures and Practices

AREB Policy - Researching Biologics Testing (pdf)

Biosafety in the Laboratory - Poster to Print! (pdf)

Biowaste Packaging - Dry, Liquid and Frozen (MUMC/MDCL only)

BSL1 Housekeeping - MIRC (docx)

Cardboard in Biohazard Labs (docx)

CFIA Sanitation Practices for Plants and Plant Pests (pdf)

CL1 and CL2 Entry/Exit Requirements SOP (docx)

Daniels Handwashing - Poster to Print! (pdf)

Disposal of Non-Infectious Human Stool Samples (docx)

Lab Layout (docx) Desk Area Sign - Poster to Print! (pdf)

McMaster Handwashing - Poster to Print! (pdf)

McMaster Handwashing 2 - Poster to Print! (pdf)

Organization of Transfer Documentation (docx)

Pest / Vermin Control (docx)

Prevention of Biological Cross Contamination (docx)

Procedures to Minimize Aerosols - Poster to Print! (pdf)

Settle Plates for Environmental Monitoring (docx)

Signs for Waste Disposal in Tissue Culture Rooms (pdf)

Transportation and Movement of Biohazards (docx)

Visitor Log (docx)


Risk Assessment

CDC 4 Biosafety Levels - Poster to Print! (pdf)

PHAC Incident and Exposure Reporting (docx)

PHAC Overarching Risk Assessment (docx)

PHAC Risk Group and Containment Level Assessment Tool (pdf)

Performing Risk Assessments (docx)

PSDS for Risk Group 1 Material (docx)


Sharps / Glass

Bending Needle for Tail Vein Injections (docx)

Bulk Disposal of Histological Slides (docx)

Recapping (pdf)

Sign NO SHARPS (pdf)

Use of Sharps (docx)


SOP Management, Documentation and Training

Biohazard Awareness Poster

Biosafety in Action PHAC Poster (pdf)

Laboratory Safety Handbook

Reviewing SOPs - MIRC (docx)

SOP Annual Review Log - MIRC (docx)

SAMPLE: SOP Signoff Sheet (xlsx)



Updated: January 31, 2019


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